Friday, 9 January 2015

Life Illuminated: January Lighting Sale

         It's January. The gym is packed with an influx of New Year's resolution hopefuls. Soon, the Christmas lights and decorations will be taken down (or maybe not until July... that's not for us to judge). All in all, the sparkle of the festive season has faded. 

       We here at Rousseau's are here to fight against a dull and drab 2015 with our Life Illuminated: January Lighting Sale. From now until January 31th, enjoy a 30% discount on all regular priced lamps and light fixtures. 

       Proper lighting has the ability to completely transform a room (just as bad lighting can spoil one), yet is so often overlooked as a focal point when re-designing or sprucing up a space. Of course every room is a case by case basis and there are many factors to consider, but there are some general rules of thumb that are helpful to follow. 
  Here are just a few lighting tips to enhance your home: 

1. Layer: Use a combination of task, decorative/accent, and ambient/overhead lighting. Each of these serves a distinct purpose and it is rare that one can be used effectively for the other. 

2. Dim Is In: Overhead lighting often has the reputation for being harsh and too bright for every day activities. A dimmer switch is an easy remedy and creates a much more versatile situation in any room of the house. 

3. Plan: Even the most multipurpose rooms tend to have a main purpose. Make sure your lighting choices reflect that first and foremost - your home's design should make life easier, not be a roadblock. 

4. Hue Matters: Both the actual tone of the bulb as well as the colour and texture of the shade affect the overall cast of your lighting. It is important to keep this in mind both for aesthetic and functional reasons.

6. First Impressions: One of the easiest ways to make your home seem more inviting is to have appropriate lighting in your entryway. No one wants to fumble around in the dark for shoes or keys and having a warmly lit entry way creates a more pleasant arrival for guests. 

7. Have Fun: Lamps are a great way to add a bit of colour, pattern, and pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room. Even if they don't give off much more light than an iPhone flashlight, a pair of killer lamps flanking a fireplace can make a dazzling statement. 

8. Back to Basics: The basement is perhaps where mistakes in lighting become most glaring. Without natural light to act as an assistant, it really is of utmost importance to have bright, clean overhead lighting as a foundation - A dimmer switch can cut any harshness when full wattage isn't required. From there, lamps, wall sconces and other types of fixtures can be layered to create a cozier atmosphere. 

So, what are you waiting for? LUMOS! 

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