Friday, 16 January 2015

January Artwork

       Bare walls? We can help. This month's shipment is largely neutral, playing on strong graphics and quirky subject matter to make a statement. But colour lovers fear not - there are still a few pieces in the bunch that should satisfy!

     Left to Right: Floral In Flight, $590; Natural Patterns, $350. 

   Left to Right: Slinky Patent Parchment, $99; Steam Punk Bulb Taupe, $125; Slinky Patent Charcoal, $99.

          Clockwise from Top: Vintage Camera III, $150; Vintage Camera II, $150; Vintage Camera I, $150. 

Left to Right: European Door Detail I, $150; European Door Detail IV, $150. 

   Misfortunes of Virtue, $350

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