Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Area rugs

Nothing changes the feel and look of a living space like an area rug. It anchors a seating area, defines the space, sets the tone to a room. It can be a starting point for the colour palette of a space.

Browse through a selection of rugs that can have a dramatic impact on your home,
 but not on your wallet.
 Save 20% untill the end of March on these rugs and more.

Leafscape Rug

Better then Sisal Rug

Soleil Rug

Signature Carved Rug

Radiance Rug

Waves Rug

Absolute More Shag Rug

Window Treatments

Drapery panels do wonders to any room. 
Here are some things to ponder when embarking on a drapery project.    

Do you like solid coloured panels or something more customized, like this tiered look?

How about solid panels with trim detail?

Do you like texture?

Or are you a fan of bold pattern?

And what do you think of the light & airy look of sheers and linensheers?

There are a few more details to consider too, such as, which header suits your home and style.

Choosing hardware style & finish is like selecting jewellery for an outfit.



Leave the rest to us, we'll measure, choose the right lining, do the thinking and the installation.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Floor Sample Clearance

Barwick Linen wing chair. One left.
Sale $795, Reg $1595 

 Sherrill modern wing chair in Ikat fabric.
Sale $695, Reg $1395

Sherrill sofa in neutral beige fabric.
Now $1595,  Reg $2730

Dining chairs with beige upholstered seats. Two available.
Now $295,  Reg $587 each

Harden upholstered chair in soft green & aubergine striped fabric.
Now $795,  Reg $2460

Harden sofa in luxurious soft golden fabric.
Now $1595,  Reg $2995

 Hancock chair in blue branches & birds fabric.
Now $495,  Reg $975

Harden solid cherry 48" table.
Now $1395,  Reg $4065

Sherril swivel-glider chair.
Now $695  Was $1455

Harden solid cherry night table.
Now $695,  Reg $1995

Swivel chair in cream colour fabric.
Now $695,  Reg $1569

West Brothers solid maple & leather queen size bedframe.
Now $995   Reg $2475

West Brothers solid maple Master Chest with 12 drawers.
Now $1395  Reg $2850 

Decorate with books

" A room without books is like a body without a soul." Cicero

If you love books, this post is going to be right up your alley.

Have look at this unique idea of bookshelves tucked behing a sofa. It makes such a powerful statement. Not to mention the fact that it utilizes unused space...brilliant!
 Love the un-curated, casual look of simply stacked books. Don't be fooled, there was careful thought put into this arrangement! Note the one shelf above the sofa, which is styled with angled books for a change to bring the eye down to moderate to super heigh ceilings.

Suzanne Kasler's built-in bookcase is a source of inspiration. She gathered all her books of similar colours together, organized them with discipline and voila...we have a stunning arrangement.
If you like a styled shelf, versus an un-styled one, take notes from this photo on how to mix personal objects with books.
For someone, who owns a great deal of collectibles and less books, this photo is a great study on how to curate a well-balanced vignette.
Books on a coffee tables make a personal statement in a living room. When books are out on a table, you and your guests will be flipping through them.
Note how books are grouped together by size and
 some of the piles are topped off with accessories to create varied heights.
You can achieve the same look on ottomans and trunks.
 A window ledge is another spot for more books.
Love the idea of using bookends to keep upright books straight. Choosing a fun bookend is a fun way to add your personal style to your home.
 Books in dining rooms create an inviting, friendly ambiance. You might find yourself sitting down for a few quiet moments to read with a glass of deliciousness instead of ignoring your dining table.

There is room for books in bedrooms too!
 A personalized nightstand is a comforting view to be welcomed by at the end of a long day. Your current read or favourite books combined with a lamp, family photos and meaningful pieces make a perfect bed table vignette.

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." Mark Twain

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cowhide Trend

We posted this blog about the cowhide rug trend last February. It was such a popular post, that we thought we would let our readers see it again during our COWHIDE RUG SALE.
Save 30% now on all our in- stock hides.

Cowhides are no longer considered a country-western look,
 they can be mixed in with any decor style.

Cowhide rugs feel soft and natural under feet, just like sheep-skin booties do. 

These rugs are super easy to clean. Just wipe off the stain and consider it done!

A cool statement to say the least.

No animal was killed for its skin!  These Brazilian hides are by-products of the meat industry. Even our ancestors used the leftover skin for warmth and clothing. 

Are you ready to live on the wild side of life?