Thursday, 22 January 2015

Canadian Solid Wood Event: Why Buy Domestic Solid Wood?

With such an abundance of furniture products in our current market, it's hard to know where to begin when shopping for a new piece. As with other things in life, it is important to begin with the basics. 

When you purchase one of our Canadian solid wood pieces, you can be assured that it is made by dedicated and experienced craftsmen with high quality materials. Here are few a lesser known benefits you may not realize go into the construction of a quality solid wood piece. 

Materials: You can be assured you are receiving a piece of solid wood furniture. Not "wood solids", engineered woods, plywood, or MDF. Additionally, the use of native wood species helps to prevent unsightly warping, splitting, and cracking often seen in tropical woods such as teak, which are unaccustomed to our climate. Our manufactures take the time and effort to kiln dry their wood to industry standards, as well as providing space within construction to accommodate natural expansion and contraction in the wood. 

Dovetailing: The English dovetail joint is the strongest method of constructing a drawer, having been used for thousands of years in all types of woodworking - dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt and China. 

Mortise & Tenon Joints: The use a mortise and tenon joint where tension is not a factor (i.e. pulling of a drawer) and the joint is not located on a surface, is the preferred method of joinery by master craftsman. In lesser quality pieces, simpler methods such as dowel or biscuit joint may be used, but will not stand up to the test of time nearly as well. 

A Complete Finish: Because they aren't usually on display, many lower-quality manufacturers do not finish the insides of drawers or cabinets. This can lead to snags on clothing and other delicate items, as well as eventual degradation or staining of the wood. Our manufacturers take the same care in finishing interiors as they do exteriors, leaving you with a beautiful finish all over. 

Other Benefits: Environment & Economy

Sustainable Furnishings: Both of our Ontario solid wood manufacturers are proudly certified Silver Exemplary Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council. This means that, among other things, a minimum of 25% of their products are made from recycled or bio-based materials. 

Reduced Shipping: When your furniture only has to travel a few hours down the road, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint are greatly reduced. 

Health & Safety: As you may imagine, when environmentally friendly practices are put into place, many time they also benefit the health of workers. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and water-based paint are just two examples of this. When you purchase from one of our Canadian solid wood suppliers, you can be assured they have taken all the necessary steps to reduce harm to both the environment as well as their employees. 

Supports Our Economy: When you buy Canadian - you help Canadians. It's as simple as that. In hard economic times, it is more important than ever to support local business. In most cases, a factory is the main source of employment for the small town in which it is located, and materials are often sourced from small local suppliers.

Just In: New Lighting Shipment

We have just received this shipment of table and floor lamps, still with 10 days left in our Life Illuminated: January Lighting Sale! Enjoy 30% off these brand new beauties as well as all existing lighting on the floor until January 31st. 

Kendal Table Lamp $195 $137

Oliver Table Lamp $317 $222

Oliver Floor Lamp $647 $453

Pacific Table Lamp $438 $306

Severn Floor Lamp $490 $343

Syrah Table Lamp $370 $259

 Palm Floor Lamp $524 $366

New Occasional: 20% Off While Quantities Last

        New occasional pieces have arrived! There are a few models you may recognize - back by popular demand - as well as a couple styles completely new to Rousseau's. With a mix of rustic, modern, and transitional pieces, we hope this latest group will have a little something for everyone. 

The best part? All pieces are 20% off while quantities last. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Spotlight On: Wesley Hall

       This week we are turning the spotlight on one of our favourite and longest-standing brands: Wesley Hall. Many of you may not know this, but Rousseau's was the very first Canadian dealer of Wesley Hall furniture, having carried the line since the early 90's. Peggy tells stories of a time when she would pine for their stunning furnishings with her nose pressed to the window of their High Point showroom, wishing she could place an order.
        Well, here we are over two decades later and the wares are still 100% lust worthy with top notch quality to stand behind. Combining incomparable dedication to quality with killer style, the results have been a resounding success. 

       This past High Point Market we were once again totally blown away by the creativity and attention to detail seen throughout the entire showroom. 

       It's amazing how each vignette just exudes refinement and elegance, yet brings it's own unique edge to the table.  

      In November we received our own gorgeous shipment for the floor, but with Christmas decorations descending in full force, their arrival was overshadowed. Now that the glitter has cleared, we were able to capture their beauty without distraction! 

      Do you see a Wesley Hall piece in your future? Visit us at Rousseau's and let us help you create your dream home! 

January Artwork

       Bare walls? We can help. This month's shipment is largely neutral, playing on strong graphics and quirky subject matter to make a statement. But colour lovers fear not - there are still a few pieces in the bunch that should satisfy!

     Left to Right: Floral In Flight, $590; Natural Patterns, $350. 

   Left to Right: Slinky Patent Parchment, $99; Steam Punk Bulb Taupe, $125; Slinky Patent Charcoal, $99.

          Clockwise from Top: Vintage Camera III, $150; Vintage Camera II, $150; Vintage Camera I, $150. 

Left to Right: European Door Detail I, $150; European Door Detail IV, $150. 

   Misfortunes of Virtue, $350

Friday, 9 January 2015

Cold Weather Deals

      This time of year, all we seem to want to do is curl up with a good book and a cup of something hot (or maybe Netflix and a glass of something a bit stronger), and honestly we wouldn't blame anyone if they decided to simply stay inside until March. Unfortunately, most of us do not possess this luxury and are forced to venture out into Sub-Arctic temperatures. This is why it becomes of the utmost importance that your home is as cozy as can be for the precious time you spend in it. 

     Here at Rousseau's we want to help in the best way we know how - by offering some killer deals on a few of our floor model pieces.  


Curl up with family for movie night on this gorgeous sectional from Lee Industries - ample seating for maximum lounging comfort. Shown in Miller Cream Fabric

            Regular $5097 Sale $2995 

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of reading by a toasty fire on this charming swivel glider from Lee Industries. Shown in Chelsea Khaki Fabric

           Regular $1959 Sale $995

If you're short on space but don't want to sacrifice comfort, this apartment sofa from Lee could make the perfect nesting spot in any room of the house. Shown in Pinafore Haze Fabric

             Regular $3961 Sale $1595


Sit down to a cozy winter meal on these charming rustic dining chairs. Solid wood, Made in Canada. 

         2 Fan Back Windsor Chairs in Sturbridge Finish. 
               Regular $1350/set  Sale $550/set 
         4 English Windsor Side Chairs in Champlain Finish. 
               Regular $1952/set  Sale $975/set

Snuggle up under a soft and luxurious Designer's Guild throw to ward off winter's chill. Three unique options available. 

       Saraille Cobalt 
           Regular $329 Sale $229
     Ezar Cobalt 
           Regular $422 Sale $199
     Kashgar Jade 
           Regular $250 Sale $150

Left to Right: Saraille Cobalt, Ezar Cobalt, Kashgar Jade 

So go ahead, plan your winter staycation (or hibernation)... but first make a stop at Rousseau's! 

Life Illuminated: January Lighting Sale

         It's January. The gym is packed with an influx of New Year's resolution hopefuls. Soon, the Christmas lights and decorations will be taken down (or maybe not until July... that's not for us to judge). All in all, the sparkle of the festive season has faded. 

       We here at Rousseau's are here to fight against a dull and drab 2015 with our Life Illuminated: January Lighting Sale. From now until January 31th, enjoy a 30% discount on all regular priced lamps and light fixtures. 

       Proper lighting has the ability to completely transform a room (just as bad lighting can spoil one), yet is so often overlooked as a focal point when re-designing or sprucing up a space. Of course every room is a case by case basis and there are many factors to consider, but there are some general rules of thumb that are helpful to follow. 
  Here are just a few lighting tips to enhance your home: 

1. Layer: Use a combination of task, decorative/accent, and ambient/overhead lighting. Each of these serves a distinct purpose and it is rare that one can be used effectively for the other. 

2. Dim Is In: Overhead lighting often has the reputation for being harsh and too bright for every day activities. A dimmer switch is an easy remedy and creates a much more versatile situation in any room of the house. 

3. Plan: Even the most multipurpose rooms tend to have a main purpose. Make sure your lighting choices reflect that first and foremost - your home's design should make life easier, not be a roadblock. 

4. Hue Matters: Both the actual tone of the bulb as well as the colour and texture of the shade affect the overall cast of your lighting. It is important to keep this in mind both for aesthetic and functional reasons.

6. First Impressions: One of the easiest ways to make your home seem more inviting is to have appropriate lighting in your entryway. No one wants to fumble around in the dark for shoes or keys and having a warmly lit entry way creates a more pleasant arrival for guests. 

7. Have Fun: Lamps are a great way to add a bit of colour, pattern, and pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room. Even if they don't give off much more light than an iPhone flashlight, a pair of killer lamps flanking a fireplace can make a dazzling statement. 

8. Back to Basics: The basement is perhaps where mistakes in lighting become most glaring. Without natural light to act as an assistant, it really is of utmost importance to have bright, clean overhead lighting as a foundation - A dimmer switch can cut any harshness when full wattage isn't required. From there, lamps, wall sconces and other types of fixtures can be layered to create a cozier atmosphere. 

So, what are you waiting for? LUMOS!