Thursday, 16 March 2017

Clearance Items

Lee 1863 Chair $3068 $1895 

Wing Chair $1563 $995

Harden 3419 Chair $1781 $895 (2 Available)

Campio Madeline Sofa $2899 $1895

 Slipcovered Sofa $3023 $2569

Harden 3419 Chair $3683 $1895

Younger 1665 Chair $2119 $1195

Wesley Hall 587 Chair $2315 $1195 (2 Available)

SOLD! Lee Slipcovered 2375 Chair & 1/2 $3428 $1395

 Wesley Hall 641 Chair $2981 $1395

 Newton Swivel Chair (6 Available) $699 $395

 Exposed Wood Chair $1800 $795

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New Artwork For Spring!

Now that we've had a taste of beautiful springtime weather, it seems all we can think about it freshening up our space both here at the store and in our own homes. 

This stormy triptych may not exactly scream sunshine and spring flowers, but it's absolutely stunning - a must see in person. 

An elegant and dramatic series, the deep inky tones of these prints are brightened up by a vivid gold frame. 

This whimsical piece of art would bring a dose of sunshine and cheer to any space. 

A slightly more understated and moody cousin to the previous piece, this is a floral that even those who don't exactly love florals could get on board with. 

Funky and eclectic abstracts are always sure to make a statement. 

Soft blush tones and delicate lines make this a perfect pair for any serene space. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

New Artwork

Usher in the rich, cozy tones of autumn with these gorgeous new prints that have just arrived! Switching up artwork is a great way to refresh a room on a budget and get maximum impact for minimal effort. Now, who doesn't love the sound of that? 

Neutral Patchwork Diptych, $729

Carbon Species Series $289 ea. 

Dramatic Chintz Series, $289 ea. 

Dramatic Peony Series, $379

Porto, Portugal - Palacio Da Bolsa, $469

Venaria, Italy - Diana Gallery, $469

Blue Heron; White Egret, $549 ea. 

American Flamingo; Hooping Crane, $549 ea. 

Arrowsmith Map of England 1825; Arrowsmith Map of France & Belgium 1825, $175 ea.
Posture Series, $289 ea.

Runabout Navy, $269

The Gallery, $529

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Natural Glamour

Elements of soft rose gold and copper, white marble and organic wood tones create a subtle yet glamorous tablescape. Perfect for summer entertaining or just a lovely warm weather refresh. 

Wall Candy

Rejuvenate your home or cottage with this gorgeous selection of prints that have just arrived on our doorstep! From bold and dramatic abstracts to tranquil nautical scenes, and much more in between, there's sure to be something for everyone. 

Monolith Series, $399 ea. 28x40

Illuminated Gesture Series, $369 ea. 24x24

Piazza de Campo, $389 34x51

 Just Be Series, $329 ea. 21x35

Lear's Blue Parrot & Lear's Two Parrots $169 ea. 16x24

Lear's Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo & Lear's Sulphur Crested Cockatoo $349 ea.  24x26

Lear's Barnard's Parakeet & Lear's Vibrant Green Parrot $169 ea. 16x24

From The Birds Nest, $469 40x40

Tidal Motion, $859 40x60
Float, $449 30x44

Runabout Navy & Parchment $269 ea. 22.5x40

Muskoka Local Business Maps, $159 ea. 18x22

Muskoka District Map, $399 36x46

After the Storm Diptych (Set of 2), $399 20x38

Celtic Myth, $419 40x40

Spring Medley, $419 37x37