Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fashion show- paparazzi photos

Thank you for coming out for a fun evening last Thursday. We had a great time with you checking out the latest trends in fashion, swimwear, lingerie, eyewear and shoes.
We took a few photos of the this fun event, can you spot yourself?


More fun events coming soon! Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Strawberry social!


Tables for all occasions

Our new Marseille occassional table collection just arrived!
 Scroll down to see hallway tables, coffee tables and side tables made of beautiful acacia solid woods and cherry veneers in Bordeaux finish. But there is nothing like seeing them in person. We are tagging them and putting them into our showroom as we speak. Stop by to see these great new additions to our occasional table collection this weekend!
Marseille Hall Table

Marseille Writing Table

Marseillle Console Table

Marseille Drink Table
17"D 24"H

Chelsea Drink Table
18"D 24"H

 Marseille Cocktail Table

Rococo Hall Table

Kam Dining Table

Marseille Drink Table



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Say hello with your front door!

Looking at the forecast for the upcoming weekend for Whitby, we may get a lucky stretch of sunny and mild weather. Ideal climate for an outdoor hike or painting your front door.
Decisions, decisions...

Here are our TOP 10 favourite front doors to get inspired by.
 Blazer by Farrow and Ball is Peggy's favourite colour,
seen here on the Rousseau's Carriage House front door. It sure is welcoming!

Classic black always makes a statement.
 Black is not only for famous residences like 10 Downing Street.
Cool chartrouse on this red brick home seems just right.
Bold kelly green makes this door pop.
Subdued gray makes a quiet, yet sophisticated entrance on this home.
Red doors are an all time favourite way of saying hello to your guests.
Some of us prefer a soft taupe on our front door, a subtle greeting as we drive up to our home.
A few houses can pull off the white door look. 

A regal navy blue can look grand on a red or brown brick home.
Bright, sunny yellow door is a wam greeting on any day.
How does your front door say hello?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Map and chart of Muskoka Lakes

Get this unique framed print for your cottage or your home

 of the Muskoka Lakes circa 1899!

The original map is from G.W. Marshall, Toronto Archives, dated 1899.
 It includes the index of summer cottages and owners, hotels and boarding houses on lake Muskoka, Joseph and Rousseau. How cool is that? The map also shows the route of the Parry Sound Railway, Crane and Blackstone Lakes, Blackstone Harbour, Georgian Bay.

Here is a bit of history behind the map:

In the early 1900's, tourists from Toronto, Cleveland, New York and Pittsburg took the train to Gravenhurst and crossed the platform at Muskoka Wharf to board a steamship.
The ship would travel through the inland lakes to the numerous hotels and cottages along the shores, which are listed on this map.
Canoist also used this map to plan their excursions and find lodging. 
 This map was the Travelocity website in 1899! Takes you back in time, eh?
This is the original map:

 Map and Chart of the Muskoka Lakes: Tourist and canoeist index,1899
Published by G.W. Marshall, Toronto
Coloured print
Reference Code: C 60
Archives of Ontario, I0030832
This is the framed print we have available for you for $249 from $350 until May 18th!
Size: 34" x 54"
Have a look at the closeups.