Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wallpaper inspiration for Spring

Does a room in your home lack personality?
Wallpaper can be a brilliant solution in so many ways.
 Not only does it add persoanlity, it can tie awkward colours and styles together if your furniture is from various eras. 
It can hide imperfections and take the eye away from design flaws.
 If you like themes, a wallpaper ie. with sea turtles can take you on a journey of developing a tropical look with sea shells and bamboo furniture.
 If you have beige furniture and you are tired of beige, adding a colourful or textural wallpaper can liven up your space in a jiffy.
The list goes on. No wonder wallpaper is one of the hottest trends we are seeing in the design world. So embrace it, and have fun with it.
Experiment NOW during our Wallpaper Sale.




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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New lamps and other pretty things for Spring 2014

Concrete and brass lamp $357

King Nine lamp $447 

 Hammered glass pendant $297

Set of 3 Wall panel mirrors $267

Crystal base task lamp $477

Arc floor lamp $897

 Glass sphere $63-$147

Table lamp $357

Isosceles table $627

Turtle shells on display $177

 Golden clam bowl $102 - $192
Mosaic abalon shells $36

Metal and glass lantern $717

Perugia Ceiling fixture $598
Kircher pendant $298

 Ambras pendant $238

Spinoid pendant $158

Spring 2014 Artwork Collection just arrived

Pappilons $170, series of 2

 Intaglio $120-$150, series of 4

 Bluepring-Avro Arrow $290

 Bicycle diptych $470

 Sun soaked $250

Seaweeds $170, series of 3

Guilded sisal $158, series of 2

Springs $350

Set of 4, Beach birds $200

Watercolour sketchbook $145, series of 4

Design for a bridge $150, series of 2

Innerspace $350

Mon etoile $150

Spa coral $240, series of 2