Thursday, 20 November 2014

Just In - New Artwork!

We all know that it's the size of the present under the tree that counts (excluding those teeny tiny jewelry boxes, of course), so why not make a splash this Christmas and give the gift of art! There truly is something for everyone on your list, and at prices even the Grinch couldn't shake a fist at.  

For the outdoorsman... 

Vintage Ski Dyptych Set of 2, $590. 

   Vintage Ski I & II, Series of 2, $195 each. 

  Stag Triptych, $500

Sable Island, $330

Gray Mist III, $330

For the vintage junkie... 

Greater Toronto Map, $390

Vintage Eye Chart, $150

For the animal lover... 

Canine Cancan, $190

For admirers of the abstract... 

Left to Right: Devotional, $350; Trusting, $350

Left to Right: Future Dreams, $165; Peaceful Change, $165

Shades Of White Chandelier, $590

For the botanist... 

Besler Dramatique III & IV, Series of 2, $250 each. 

Lavender Florals I & II, Series of 4, $140 each. 

Lavender Florals VI & VII, Series of 4, $140 each. 

Hawaii I, $400

Bloom I & II, Series of 2, $230 each. 

Blue Floral I & II, Series of 2, $350 

Estate Oversize, $300

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