Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gallery walls

Gallery walls are hot, hot, hot. It's no surprise, as gallery walls give an opportunity to display our collections from our travels, to un-earth photos of our family, and to be eclectic & different in our expression of style.
There are a few things to consider before starting to hammer in the nails.

Step #1 Determine your style.
Would you like it grid style or free-flowing?

Do you want your artwall to fill in an entire wall, or only a section of the wall?
Is it going to be centered over a sofa or hallway table to create a focal point, or do your want it to glide over your doorway?

Step #2 is choosing the contents of the gallery wall.
Do you have something special that you would like to highlight, such as a gorgeous mirror in the centre of the collage or a truly special picture?
Or do you have lots of kids crafts, and family photos that you wish to put on display.
 Choosing what you love, what will make you smile every time you look at it,
 is the only rule.
Step # 3 is determining the unifying element.
If you have all black and white photos, that is the unifying element. You have the choice to keep it simple and frame it all in the same frame, or to have them in assorted frames for a more interesting look.
If you have various sized and coloured prints, framing them in all the same coloured and style frames will unify the look and create a cohesive look.
Sometimes a theme or subject matter can be the unifying element that brings it all together. The earthy look here makes sense of this collage.
For the advanced gallery-wallers, try the no rules approach. Let your artsitic side dictate how the composition should be.
Step #4 is the time consuming part of planning out the layout
on paper and determining where the nails should go.
 There are three ways of doing this:
1. Cut out papermodels of each frame and tape it onto your wall.
2. Replicate your wall on your floor. Place all the art on your floor as you'd on your wall. Transfer your nail position onto your wall and you are ready to hang your pictures.
3. Draw out your artwall plan on a large piece of craft paper. Mark on the paper where the nail would go. Tape the craftpaper on the wall and hang your pictures over it. Tear craftpaper away after hanging up all the frames. 
Send us your success stories, we would love to see what you've done with your walls!

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