Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crazy for gold

One of the newest trends in interior decor is mixing brass and gold finishes with other metal colours.
It's hard to believe, just when you finally changed all your brass doorknobs to pewter,
brass is back?
When we say gold is the "IT THING", we don't mean over the top glitz, like Donald Trump's penthouse.
We mean, introducing a few key accessories in warm golden tones. Sarah Richardson (in the picture below) did a beautiful job balancing the layers of cool tones( sofa, pillows and wall colour) with the warm tones of a brass framed large mirror, coffee table and lamps. She found just the right balance, so the space feels inviting, luxurious, sophisticated and current.
 Photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson
The photo below is a study of a neutral space with a play on various finishes. Dark finish is seen on the metal armchair, the picture frames  and the bookcase hardware. The coffee table steals the show in its unexpected, luxurious brass finish. The golden tone of the coffee table is referenced in the fabric of the toss pillows and the birdcage on top of the bookcase. Doesn't this room look great?

The below living room's bunching tables could have easily been in chrome finish. But that would have been an ordinary choice, or "been there and done that". The brass finish puts the WOW factor into the space and kicks the room up a notch.  

Are you crazy for GOLD yet?
 Here is what we have in store for you to GET THE LOOK!
Carver's Guild Wave Moderne mirror
Curry's Orli Chandelier
Parthenon glass coffee table
 Visual Comfort's Quatrefoil lamp

Carver's Guild Sunwave mirror

 Wildwood  Peony Lamp

The M68 round side table

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