Friday, 11 December 2015

Festive Fragrances

Usher in the Christmas spirit with these scrumptious scents - the perfect way to complete the ambiance of your home this holiday season. 
The patented Lampe Berger method also purifies the air to free your home of odors, germs, dust and other allergens while providing a safe alternative to open flame products. Great for those with pets, kids, and just about anyone else! A neutral (non-fragrance) version is available for those with sensitivities to scents. 

The classics... with a twist! 

Did someone say baked apple pie? 

Woody and natural, these fragrances evoke a calming sense of earthy yet festive spirit.

These spicy and slightly exotic scents will transport you to another place...

Although both with top notes of cinnamon and bottom notes of vanilla and musk, each of these fragrances is completely unique and conjures feelings of warmth and nostalgia of Christmases past.

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