Friday, 9 October 2015

Brand New Artwork!

A huge shipment of artwork has just arrived!
Find the perfect piece to adorn your walls and give new life to a drab space. There's something for everyone in this group!

Parisian Rooftops, $499.

Versailles Marble Staircase, $699.

Left to Right: Picasso Vallauris Exposition $119, Picasso Owl Large $75.

You Gotta Dance, $449.

Left to Right: Carpe Diem - Gild $99, Lips - Gild $69.

Fashion Waters Series, $149 ea. 

Left to Right: You Are My Sunshine $89, Watercolour Bubbles $89, Abstract Curves $89.

Left to Right: Catwalk $89, Chanel Parfum $89.

Warren De La Rue Moonscapes $149 ea. 

Monolith Renditions $399 ea. 

 Intersecting Series $155 ea. 

Water Tree Series $389 ea. 

Romancing Egret, $649. 

Mid Flight Series, $419 ea. 

Into The Forest Series, $199 ea. 

Earthly Delights Series, $319

Left To Right: The Things You Say $299, Morning Breaking $299. 

Summer Symphony, $419. 

White Bloom With Navy Series, $249 ea. 

Gilded Ripples, $699. 

Elemental Abstract Series, $149 ea. 

Blue Bird Expression Series, $125 ea. 

Shallows Series, $419 ea. 

Simply Nests Series, $179 ea. 

Little Blue Set of 2, $259.

Into The Distance, $429.

December Mist, $699. 

Vintage Ski Trio, $239. 

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