Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Artwork - February 3rd

Warhol Exhibition Poster, $180

Epernay France Triptych, $650

Left to Right: Suzanne 1913, $170; Entwined, $330

    Clockwise From Top Left: X's & O's; Ampersand, Zebra Detail, Je T'aime. $76 each. 

Left to Right: Litho Steps I; Litho Steps II. $290 each. 

Left to Right: Modular Layout I; Modular Layout II. $220 each. 

Left to Right: Aqua Pebbles I; Aqua Pebbles II. $220 each. 

Left to Right: Azure Coral II; Azure Coral IV. $199 each. 

 Left to Right: Flock Together, $299; Green Lake, $250. 

 Left to Right: Stanford's Map of Italy 1859, $399; 1825 French Document, $550. 

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