Friday, 10 October 2014

New Accessories

Bring an extra dose of warmth and rustic charm into your home this season with accessories that borrow from nature. 

Use them alongside your autumn decor to compliment the more traditional hues of orange, gold and russet. Their neutrality will break up richer tones and carry themselves into the next season (gasp... winter!).  

Preserved Boxwood offers all the beauty of nature with none of the upkeep. 

Clockwise From Top Left: Boxwood Topiary 18", $59; Boxwood Cone 8X30 cm, $29; Boxwood Spiral Topiary, $415; Boxwood Cone 11x40 cm, $49.

Left to Right: Set of 3 Round Boxwood Wreaths, $65; Set of 3 Square Boxwood Wreaths. $65. 

Rustic elements just feel so right this time of year. 

Clockwise From Top Left: Tall Domed Plate (Extra Large, $99; Large, $69); Girl With Flower Tiara, $15; Elegant Lady Bust (Large, $35; Small, $19); Acorn On Pedestal, $19; Sitting Bird Figure, $9; Acorn & Leaf Plate (Large, $29; Small, $19).

Clockwise From Top Left: Rectangular Wire Lantern, $79; Cutout Cone Lantern, $59; Square Wire Lantern, $69. 

Left to Right: 18.5" Mirror With Rope, $45; 14" Mirror With Rope, $35. 

Flame-less candles burn bright without the worry. 
Of course we know that nothing will replace the warmth of a real burning candle, but households with kids and pets (or perhaps forgetful adults), can rest easy knowing there is no danger of fire. 
Tip: Use real candles at the table and other areas where imitations will be noticed, but augment with the flame-less variety around the house. Chances are, guests will be none the wiser. 

Top Right: Wavy Top Flameless Candle (3X4", $39; 3X6", $45; 3X8", $49)
Bottom Right: Flamless Taper, $35. 

     These vintage inspired pieces are elegant and whimsical, with just a touch of sparkle and sheen (we are admittedly suckers for all things shiny and glittery). 
Clockwise from top left: 8" Crinkle Glitter Ball, $29 each; Butterfly Mirrored Plaque, $225; Wire Wrapped Star, $9 each. 

Left to Right: Set of 2 French Scene Panels, $199; Oval Frame Star Mirror, $159. 

Left to Right: Antique Gold Pinecone (Large, $15; Small, $12); Antique Copper Acorn (Large, $15; Small, $9). 

Welcome guests into your home with either of these two unique mats. 
Top: Rubber & Coir Mat, (XL, $79; Medium, $29); Bottom: Bamboo "Bonjour" Door Mat, $49

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