Friday, 12 September 2014

Fall Arrivals

We are beyond excited about these new fall arrivals and you should be too! Changing accessories is a cost effective and simple way to usher in a new season and freshen up your space. There's something for everyone: the naturalist, the Anglophile, the animal lover, or the glamorous trendsetter. Scroll down to check out the selection, or better yet - come in and see for yourself...

                                  Sienna Round Glass Dome on Wooden Base  $99

                                                       Ceramic Stool $135
 Tapered Ceramic Potted Grass $15

Rue De La Couronne Vase $39

 Bronzed Resin Bird Sculpture - Small $29, Large $45

Deep Shopping Basket $69

Long Oval Squash Basket $49

Bench With Baskets $279

Emma Bridgewater "Black Toast" Tin $19

Emma Bridgewater "Black Toast" Long Tin $19

Emma Bridgewater "Black Toast" Biscuit Tin $39

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Biscuit Tin $39

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Tray $19

Emma Bridgewater Blue Hen Biscuit Tin $39

Sitting French Bulldog  $49

 Laying English Bulldog $49

Brindle Kitten Pillow $19

Bulldog Pillow $19

French Bulldog Pillow $19

Poodle Pillow $19 

Embroidered Zebra Head Cushion $59

Aris Glass Candle Holder Silver - Short $25, Medium $35

 Aris Glass Candle Holder Purple - Short $25, Medium $35, Tall $45

Satin Eye Mask $10

Orbit Glass Decor Ball - Large $25, Small $15

Deco Zig Zag Laquered Box $39

 Big Ben Statue $35

Eiffel Tower Statue $35

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