Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Holiday House decorated by Rousseau's

 If you were one of the 1200 visitors at the Station Gallery Tour, you got to see this charming home in downtown Whitby last Saturday. Take the tour of Petra and Fred's house, all dressed up for the holidays here.

The charming front of the home with a sprinkle of snow:

 The covered front porch:
 Owl pillow, artwork, lighting, pottery from Rousseau's.
 Owl  themed Christmas tree decorations from Rousseau's.
The view into the living room:
Metal tray, grey throw, candle holder, lamb pillow from Rousseau's.
Sofa and ottoman available to order at Rousseau's.
The living room:
  Pillows on chairs, wreaths, metal tray, lamp from Rousseau's.
The view of the dining room:
On dining table:Cloches, chalk signs from Rousseau's.

Lamp, vase with holiday branches, artwork from Rousseau's. 
The guest bedroom:
 Lamp, bedding, artwork from Rousseau's.

 Lamp, bedding, side table, wreath from Rousseau's. 
 Artwork and lamp from Rousseau's.
The master bedroom:
 Bedding, artwork, lamps, wreath from Rousseau's.
 Bedding, lamp, side table from Rousseau's.
 Lamp, glass hurricane with holiday arrangement from Rousseau's.
The kitchen:

 Dog themed Christmas tree decorations from Rousseau's.
 Wreaths in window from Rousseau's.
 Artwork, ticking stripe pillows from Rousseau's.

The office:
 Numbered cups, owl, lamp, decorative boxes from Rousseau's. 
The cabin in the backyard:

 Reindeer, log basket from Rousseau's
 Antler chair, pillows, cowhide rug and blanket from Rousseau's.
Hallway table, antlers, holiday branches from Rousseau's.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
If you are interested in any of the decorations, let us know at 
Decorating was done by Peggy Gillis and Orsi Panos from Rousseau's. 
We would like to extend our warmest thanks to homeowners Petra and Fred for opening their home for the Holiday House Tour.


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