Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wallpaper, reinvented

If you are not up for papering a whole room, but would like to dabble into
the wallpaper world, this blogpost is for you.
Wallpaper can be used in so many creative ways! Applying a fun pattern can add interest to a simple cabinet, to create a focal point in a room, or ground a large space.    
Browse through the below ideas on how to personalize bookshelves,
how to add architectural interest with paper, how to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary with wallpaper.
Give your the hutch in your kitchen a new look by wallpapering the back panel and
painting it a coordintating colour.

Paper the back of your bookshelves in your family room

If you have glass upper cabinets in your kitchen, make your dishes stand out by
 papering the back of the cabinet.

Do you have a tired dining room hutch?
Give it a new vibe by placing a brightly coloured walpaper on the back panel.
If your closet doors could use a bit more than just paint, wallpaper them. 
In an open concept layout, sometimes it's difficult to create zones.
Define your dining room from your living room by wallpapering only half the wall. 
Add coziness to your bedroom by papering only behind the bed.

Use moulding to section off the wall behind your sofa and wallpaper within it
to add texture and pattern to your space.
 If you have a room that lacks architectural interest, use only a couple of strips of wallpaper to add pattern, colour to an otherwise ordinary wall.
Does your pantry lack a little something special?
 Layer wallpaper behind the shelves to make you smile when you take your next jar of jam out.  

 If you have a glass front cabinet, layer wallpaper behind the glass to hide the contents.
Roll out leftover paper on your desk and protect it with a
sheet of glass for a prettier surface to work on.

If you are up for a craft project, take an ordinary coffee table and
 turn it into an extra special one by papering it.

Or for a quick project, frame your leftover papers for instant art.

Are you inspired? Send us your creative ideas, and makeovers, we would love to see!


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