Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring art

New season, new art. Freshen up your walls for spring with these new looks!
Aqua light

Arabian, series of two

Birch abstract
Birch abstract
Blueprint of New York residence
Mercier Freres
Country House
Capitol Floor
Plans of Garden temple
Carps pond on linen
Reims hall on linen
CV owl
CV horse
Deck of Galatea
Latin sheet music, series of two
Octopus triptych

Sea turtle triptych

Study of tulip, series of two
Passiflora, series of six
Sonata, series of two
NOW $129 each, series of two
NOW $59 each, series of three
NOW $129, series of four
NOW $59
NOW $69
NOW $79
NOW $99
NOW $49 each, series of 6.
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