Thursday, 13 December 2012

Holiday table decorations

Last week we posted suggestions on gift-wrapping, the week before our blog was about Christmas tree decorations. As we are getting closer to the big day, we are thinking of what we are going to cook and how we are going to decorate our festive dining tables. Here are our favourite table top ideas this Christmas!
If you have potted spring flowers, why not keep them on the table and mix them up with holiday decorations. Simply layer a white table runner with silver or gold pinecones and flowering plants for a sophisticated holiday look. 
Classic Christmas colours of red, green and gold are always our favourites. Red placemats are the foundation for the classic dinnerware. The gold and green hues are represented in form of the Christmas branch on top of the dinnernapkin and the bowls filled with green and gold ornaments.

So simple yet so stunning! Clear glass vases are filled with green and red ornaments for this conversation friendly table top decoration. The coloursheme is reinforced with more green ornaments hanging off of a suspended tree branch.

If you are entertaining buffet style, take inspiration from this Swedish style setup.

What's wonderful about this table, is the use of everyday objects. A crate that is normally filled with fruits is filled with greenery and pinecones for the winter wonderland look. This simple look is finished off  with a small spruce-branch and snowflake tucked into the white everyday napkin.
Dining with a royal flare does not have to cost a fortune. The colour purple being used on the napkins & runner combined with  tall, gracious candles create the royal feeling.
We have an obsession with branches this year. If you saw our post about the Holiday Housetour, we applied this idea in our client's dining room. The ying and yang between the organic form of a branch and festive ornaments is stunning.
This photo illustrates so well how a tablecloth can be the base for an entire decorating colour scheme. The decorations are shades of  gold, silver, cremes on a black foundation.  

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