Friday, 7 September 2012

New season, new art


Hanging a new piece of artwork on your walls is an easy way to give a space a refreshed feeling. Have you been looking at your room and wishing for a change? It's so easy! Add a new picture to your focal wall, or lean it on your fireplace. You can also layer artwork in front of a mirror, or nail it onto a shelf on a bookshelf. Replace a couple of your toss pillows on your sofa and chair, change your accessories on your coffee table and VOILA, you have a brand new look!

This photo illustrates how easy it is to decorate with artwork. It envolved no new holes in the wall and no major investment in terms new accessories. The designer simply leaned the new artwork on the mantel, added a few new glasses on the table to reinforce the blue accent colour. It can just as easily be changed again to yet another new look.
Here is a photo of a bookcase which got reinvented by hanging artwork on the front of it. It's so simple, yet so effective in creating a new focal point.

In the photo below is the great idea of layering. The ying and yang between the ornate mirror and sleek black and white photography makes sense of the eclectic collection of furniture. The layering trick can be done in any style. Don't be shy to play a little and break the rules!

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